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Great Girl Scout Hike
Continue the
100th Anniversary Celebration
with a walk in the woods!
GSNNJ is participating in the Great Girl Scout Hike! 

Girl Scouts of all ages are challenged to hike a section of the Appalachian Trail (AT) in honor of our 100th anniversary. The journey began on Monday, March 12, 2012 (Girl Scouts 100th birthday) and ends Wednesday, October 31, 2012 (Juliette Gordon Low’s 152nd birthday).  There is no limitation to the length you hike….just put on your hiking shoes, grab a buddy and enjoy the AT!

Participate by Hiking on Your Own:

Hike on your own

Your troop or family decides on a section to hike.  Maps are available at sporting goods or outdoor stores, or the NY-NJ Trail Conference Web site (  GSNNJ can also provide maps.


Not sure what section of the AT is appropriate for your girls?  See the information below for age appropriate sections suggested by GSNNJ Hiking & Backpacking leaders!


**All Appalachian Trails are marked with white 2”x6” rectangular blazes!

For All Hikes:  For any hike you must read and abide by Safety-Wise guidelines for what to wear and bring, and other safety procedures.   See the "Camping Activities" checkpoint in the Safety Activity Checkpoints. A person certified in First Aid and CPR must accompany hikers.

All girls can receive an official Great Girl Scout Hike certificate upon completion of the hike!  To obtain copies of the certificate visit > Your Hike.  Great Girl Scout Hike patches can be purchased from > Souvenir Shop.




 Great Girl Scout Hike Documents

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