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Girl Scout Brownie Journey Stories

Wondering how other troops are using the Girl Scout Journeys to enhance their Girl Scout meetings and projects? Read tips and advice, stories and experiences, and take action projects, all related to the Girl Scout Journeys!


Have you or your troop worked on a Girl Scout Brownie Journey? Do you have advice or great experiences to share? Submit your own tips, stories, and take action projects by clicking here!




First Name: Gwen

Troop #: 4878

Grade Level: Girl Scout Brownie (Gr 2-3)

Title: Journey Take Action Project

My troop did the World of Girls Journey, and we completed our Take Action project this May. Our school has a big vegetable and flower garden, but we didn't see very many butterflies there. We found out that if butterflies have a place to get water and salt, they will hang around and help pollinate the plants, and maybe even start new butterfly families. So we made a waterless Butterfly Pond to attract more butterflies to the garden to solve the problem. Here is a picture of the completed Butterfly Pond, with Lindsey, Panwen, Caroline and me. The waterless pond uses smooth stones where dew can collect in the morning. The butterflies drink the dew.

First Name: Jodie

Troop #: 745

Grade Level: Girl Scout Brownie (Gr 2-3)

Title: Journey Take Action Project

Girl Scout Brownie Troop #745 completed the "Brownie Quest" Journey. For our Take Action Project we planned and completed a Diaper Drive to support the Diaper Bank at Child and Family Resources located in Mt. Arlington, NJ. We were able to collect approximately 1,800 diapers and wipes. These supplies will help those in need in the Morris County community.

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