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Girl Scout Brownie Journey Stories

Wondering how other troops are using the Girl Scout Journeys to enhance their Girl Scout meetings and projects? Read tips and advice, stories and experiences, and take action projects, all related to the Girl Scout Journeys!


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First Name: Hemlata

Troop #: #95772

Grade Level: Girl Scout Brownie (Gr 2-3)

Title: Book Donation Drive

The Brownie Girl Scouts from the Troop 95772, based out of Fort Lee, recently worked on a Take Action Service Project. From the start of this Girl Scout year they embarked on the It's Your Story – Tell It! Leadership Journey. By working on various activities and small projects the Girl Scouts gradually became aware of their own world and the world beyond, multifarious cultures, the understanding of basic facts that what was a normal thing for some, was a big privilege for others in any given society.

Using the techniques of team-building and brainstorming, the Girl Scouts arrived at the conclusion that they were to take action in terms of a "Literacy" project, since they saw education as a precursor to a better life. They decided to collect books and donate them to the needy. It was a simple project at first glance, but one that required a lot of planning. As their Girl Scout leader, I helped them with what they thought was their biggest concern- donate to whom exactly? I shared information about the Bridge of Books Foundation, an organization that donates new and gently used books to underprivileged and at-risk children in New Jersey.

The Girl Scouts in their true Elf Style got to work immediately. With the help of pointers from the Bridge of Books Website and a few general guidelines, they chalked up an end-to-end project plan, with role specifications.

The plan was to organize a Book Donation Drive at two Fort Public Schools, that majority of the girls came from. I facilitated the process by handling the communications with the principals of these two schools for necessary permissions, and also with officials at the Foundation for updates and drop off logistics once the books were collected.

This is what they planned and acted upon:
- The drive was weeklong.
- They made posters with unique collages to put up in the donation area.
- They went "green" by not using paper flyers. Instead they chose to make school-wide announcements. The principals cooperated by making announcements to parents by phone one evening, right before the start of the drive, and got the word out. That really helped boost the donations. The girls took turns each day at their schools in making morning announcements about this drive to the student body. This made them very happy and confident, and they did enjoy their fair share of popularity in their schools.
- They decorated the donation site with the Girl Scout troop banner and their posters. They also decorated boxes, labeled by grade, that were generously donated by A&P. This was also a learning lesson for girls that people and businesses in the community help each other.
- They checked on the collections at the end of each day.
- On the last day of donation, they met for sorting and counting the books.
- Finally they helped box the books and marked the grades.
- They were over the moon to see their final collection – a whopping 514 books!
- The mothers of these Girl Scouts offered to drive down South New Jersey for the drop off at the Bridge of Books Foundation, who thanked the Girl Scouts for their help.

The biggest take away for the Girl Scouts from this project was a great feeling: They can achieve anything that they set their mind to… Something they did!

First Name: Michelle

Troop #: 94866

Grade Level: Girl Scout Brownie (Gr 2-3)

Title: Supporting the Animals!

Ringwood Girl Scout Brownie Troop 4866 raised donations for the Ramapo-Bergan Animal Refuge, Inc. All thirteen girls set out to complete “one goal” to collect as many donations as possible for this great cause. The Ramapo-Bergan Animal Refuge is the leading, no-kill animal shelter in Bergen County. As part of the girls' Girl Scout Brownie Journey, they have learned about ways to better their community and how to lend a helping hand. During a discussion the girls decided they wanted to help a local animal shelter. They decorated their own boxes and each set out to collect. Once delivery date came we were all shocked with the volume of donations that poured in.

First Name: Gwen

Troop #: 4878

Grade Level: Girl Scout Brownie (Gr 2-3)

Title: Journey Take Action Project

My troop did the World of Girls Journey, and we completed our Take Action project this May. Our school has a big vegetable and flower garden, but we didn't see very many butterflies there. We found out that if butterflies have a place to get water and salt, they will hang around and help pollinate the plants, and maybe even start new butterfly families. So we made a waterless Butterfly Pond to attract more butterflies to the garden to solve the problem. Here is a picture of the completed Butterfly Pond, with Lindsey, Panwen, Caroline and me. The waterless pond uses smooth stones where dew can collect in the morning. The butterflies drink the dew.

First Name: Jodie

Troop #: 745

Grade Level: Girl Scout Brownie (Gr 2-3)

Title: Journey Take Action Project

Girl Scout Brownie Troop #745 completed the "Brownie Quest" Journey. For our Take Action Project we planned and completed a Diaper Drive to support the Diaper Bank at Child and Family Resources located in Mt. Arlington, NJ. We were able to collect approximately 1,800 diapers and wipes. These supplies will help those in need in the Morris County community.

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