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Girl Scout Cadette Journey Stories

Wondering how other troops are using the Girl Scout Journeys to enhance their Girl Scout meetings and projects? Read tips and advice, stories and experiences, and take action projects, all related to the Girl Scout Journeys!


Have you or your troop worked on a Girl Scout Cadette Journey? Do you have advice or great experiences to share? Submit your own tips, stories, and take action projects by clicking here!




First Name: Rosanna

Troop #: 96207

Grade Level: Girl Scout Cadette (Gr 6-8)

Title: Bullying and Friendship - Take Action Project

Girl Scout Cadette Troop 96207 of Succasunna did a fantastic job completing their Take Action Project of their Girl Scout Cadette aMaze Journey. On May 9th, 2014 they hosted a movie night for Girl Scouts and their families to come watch the American Girl movie, "Chrissa Stands Strong." The movie was all about bullying and friendship. Bullying is a very big problem worldwide and all the girls in this troop wanted people to know how to deal with this issue. At the end of the movie, guests were able to sign a Girl Scout Anti-Bullying Pledge. Those that attended learned to be courageous, be a friend and be yourself. I am so proud of these girls for a job well done.

First Name: Mackenzie

Troop #: 110

Grade Level: Girl Scout Cadette (Gr 6-8)

Title: aMaze Journey success!

My favorite memory of this past year was when my troop held a workshop for younger girls for the completion of our "aMaze" Girl Scout Journey. We shared our experiences in how to deal with peer pressure, bullying and cliques with a Girl Scout Junior troop. We had stations with different presentations. The girls from my troop learned a lot while preparing the workshop, while the younger girls learned a lot from us and our experiences!

First Name: Allison

Troop #: 162

Grade Level: Girl Scout Cadette (Gr 6-8)

Title: Tree Badge/Breathe Journey

This is our Girl Scout Cadette Troop 162 from Dumont at the Teaneck Creek Conservancy, simultaneously working on our Tree badge, and the Breathe Journey. The Conservancy has a wonderful selection of trees that have been identified by local students as part of an art project. They also have numerous art installations on the grounds, as well as a labyrinth -- this is our troop after walking the labyrinth while centering our thoughts, concentrating on our breath, and just generally enjoying this beautifully mild winter day.

First Name: Debbie

Troop #: 80912

Grade Level: Girl Scout Cadette (Gr 6-8)

Title: Our aMAZE-ing Journey

We decided to pair up with 6th Grade Cadette Troop #81000 and complete the "aMaze" Journey together since it would be more fun with other girls. Troop #81000's leader Cheryl Chludzinski put together a 5-hour intensive program covering the first half of the Journey. We will continue with Part 2 and 3 before the school year ends. We felt the girls would get so much more out of back-to-back activities rather than spreading it out over the school year. Each girl in both troops walked away excited and energized about all that they had worked on during the program. It was definitely better than had each troop done it alone. They got to know each other so much better and hopefully will be much more aware of friends they want to be as well as which friends they'd like in their lives.

First Name: Amanda

Troop #: 1136

Grade Level: Girl Scout Cadette (Gr 6-8)

Title: Breathe Journey

My troop focused on the air for our "Breathe" Girl Scout Journey. We learned a lot about pollution and smells and how smells can affect how you feel. This experience has changed the way we feel about littering and pollution. I used to throw a wrapper on the ground not thinking it would affect the enviroment-- it was just one little thing. I thought it was only cars and factories causing pollution. Little did I know, things that I did everyday without thinking were a big cause of global warming and air pollution. We've started our take action project: We decided to plant a garden to attract butterflies and clean the air. (Plants clean the air and create oxygen! But pollution kills them!) We are now working on the last part of our project, which is to make an educational, but interesting movie to show to the kids and families in our town to prevent them from littering.

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