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First Name: Gwen

Troop #: 71094

Grade Level: Girl Scout Junior (Gr 4-5)

Title: Lake Rickabear

Our troop just spent a weekend at Lake Rickabear that we will never, ever forget. Our 4th grade Girl Scout Juniors did all the cooking, cleaning, organizing, activities, EVERYTHING! We had a blast and are ready for our next big camping adventure. Girl Scouts is offering these girls an unique experience they will not get anywhere else, and I think the leaders who came will also agree that THEY have been given the same unique opportunity as their daughters to grow and experience something totally new and unexpected with Girl Scouts. Seize the opportunity before your girls grow up, and go to Lake Rickabear! You will remember it forever and never regret it!!!

First Name: Geena

Troop #: 60558

Grade Level: Girl Scout Senior (Gr 9-10)

Title: My Camping Experience

As Girls Scout Seniors, my troop and I are now able to run camping weekends for younger girls. Last year, we chose the theme and prepared the activities for a town-wide camping event. We were in charge of leading the girls through different activity stations and offering guidance. Our troops bonded and had a great time together. Being a leader and being able to work with younger girls are among some of the greatest experiences I have had in Girl Scouting.

First Name: Danielle

Troop #: 60558

Grade Level: Girl Scout Senior (Gr 9-10)

Title: Glen Spey CIT

Through Girl Scouting I have developed friendships that will last a lifetime. This summer I participated in the Counselor In Training (CIT) program where I formed a bond with my fellow CITs.

I love being at Camp Glen Spey, especially during the summer. My favorite part was trailblazing behind the archery field with my best friend. I still have a scar from it which later that day I labeled "trailblazing with Deet" and I will treasure it forever. I also will always cherish lifeguard training with Timmy and saving the drowning child (dummy).

Girl Scouting is my outlet, my safe haven and my world outside the box. CITs UNITE!

First Name: Jordan

Troop #: 929

Grade Level: Girl Scout Junior (Gr 4-5)

Title: Camporee 2012

Eleven other Girl Scouts and I went to the Dover/Wharton/Mine Hill May Camporee for 2012 at Lake Rickabear. We had a lot of fun. We made our own food, did duck pin bowling, had a "How To Make a Campfire" class, did a ceremony on the island and, my favorite part, had a campfire. The best part was half and half-- first half being able to make friends from other troops and second half, I won the Design-a-Patch contest. That's my Girl Scout story!

First Name: Emily

Troop #: 5009

Grade Level: Girl Scout Brownie (Gr 2-3)

Title: Pony Fun at Jockey Hollow Summer Camp

I went to Girl Scout camp for the first time at Jockey Hollow Summer Camp. I had a lot of fun. We got to learn about the different brushes to use for the ponies. We got to ride the ponies on the trail. We got to cook outside and eat hamburgers. I made a lot of friends. I want to go there next year!

First Name: Stephanie

Troop #: 60558

Grade Level: Girl Scout Senior (Gr 9-10)

Title: Camp Glen Spey

On Monday I am going to Glen Spey for my 6th year. I am so excited! At camp I get to enjoy boating, swimming, hiking, campfires and many other different aspects of camping while learning new skills each year. I am looking forward to the new CIT program, meeting up with the friends I have met in past years and meeting new friends. Hope to see you there. In the photo, I am using the skills I learned at camp to teach the younger Girl Scouts to learn about camping.

First Name: Olivia

Troop #: 983

Grade Level: Girl Scout Brownie (Gr 2-3)

Title: Camping at Jockey Hollow

For the past three years, my troop has gone camping at Jockey Hollow. We got to swim this year and stay overnight. I have so much fun with my friends! We did crafts and made s'mores at the fire. It is always so much fun. This is why we try to sell so many cookies-- so we can go camping.

First Name: Tori

Troop #: 1094

Grade Level: Girl Scout Brownie (Gr 2-3)

Title: First Outdoor Camping

Our leaders decided that a great way to get us used to camping would be to camp in someone's backyard. So, my troop and I went camping in Kathleen's backyard. It was my first camping trip ever!

We started the trip with a guided tour of the Celery Farm, a wildlife preserve in our town. We learned about all kinds of plants, turtles, and birds. We got very good at telling what poison ivy is!

We headed back to the house and we had a delicious dinner of Girl Scout soup prepared by one of the leaders. We made a campfire, roasted marshmallows, learned how to use a box oven and made brownies, and we even wrote a troop song while sitting around the campfire. Everyone was drawn to the tents at 11:00 and woke up bright and EARLY at 5:30. That's only 6 hours and 30 minutes of sleep! Breakfast was our leader's cinnamon-swirled, cream-drizzled pancakes, fruit salad that I made, yogurt, and granola. We made a morning campfire to have breakfast by, cleaned up, packed up the tents, and everyone said goodbye! I was a little scared at first, sleeping outside, but it was so much fun! I can't wait to go camping next year at a real campsite! As you can see, it was a lot of FUN!!!!

First Name: Maya

Troop #: 4215

Grade Level: Girl Scout Brownie (Gr 2-3)

Title: Stream Stomping at Jockey Hollow

I had a great time steam stomping! We got to catch bugs and crayfish and find out if the stream was healthy. I think lots of girls would like this as long as they like bugs and nature!

First Name: Amanda

Troop #: 4687

Grade Level: Girl Scout Brownie (Gr 2-3)

Title: My First Year at Camp

When I went to Jockey Hollow Day Camp last year for the first time, I went with my friend Olivia. Then I went back by myself. I thought I was going to be alone, but I found a knew friend named Gezel. We had fun! So now I am going back this year and I am looking forward to it! If you want to make knew friends you should go to Jockey Hollow!

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