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Overnight Camping

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see descriptions of our three camp facilities!


Troop Camping

GSNNJ has troop camping at all three outdoor program centers! This is a great opportunity for girls to learn about the environment and outdoors, as well as bond with their sister Girl Scouts as they try new experiences and learn new skills.


Facilities range from camp lodges with indoor plumbing and heat, to camping on platform tents or pitch-your-own-tents with nearby bathroom facilities. Each of our camps has something unique to offer with a wide range of pricing and facilities.


Troop camping is open to all registered Girl Scout troops whose leader, or other registered, approved adult, has taken GSNNJ’s Overnight Orientation Self-Study training. Those who are not camping in a building and are cooking outdoors or having a campfire, must also have an adult with Troop Camper certification. All troops must also be accompanied by an adult certified in First Aid and CPR.



Town-wide or service unit encampments can be held at all three of GSNNJ’s outdoor program centers. Encampments are a great way for girls of all ages and Girl Scout grade levels to come together and learn from one another and strengthen the bond of Girl Scouting. GSNNJ facilities hold between 150 and 300 people.


Each encampment must have at least one person with Troop Camper certification training and at least one person with current First Aid and CPR certification. Each troop attending as part of the encampment must have at least one person who has taken the Overnight Orientation Self-Study.


Food service is available at all three facilities for groups of 50 or more. There is an additional cost per person, in addition to the housing costs.


Family Camping – Memorial Day and Labor Day

Family Camping is available at Camp Glen Spey during Labor Day each year. Come and enjoy our secluded paradise with 600 acres of plush woodlands and a crystal clear 70-acre, heart-shaped, spring-fed lake. Your family can explore this wonderland and meet new friends while cooking out or having a picnic at the boat house. Swimming and boating (when a lifeguard is on duty), and fishing are permitted in the lake.


Family Camping is available at Lake Rickabear during Memorial Day and Labor Day each year. In addition, Lake Rickabear is open on these holidays for daytime visits. Enjoy the natural beauty and the many recreation facilities available with your entire family. Swimming and boating (when a lifeguard is on duty), and fishing are permitted in the lake. Explore the outdoors, try volleyball, basketball and hiking during your visit.


Community Rentals

Groups from outside organizations, houses of worship, families and corporations are welcome to rent Lake Rickabear on the weekends during July and August. A spacious picnic area with charcoal grills can accommodate large groups. The swimming area, sandy beach, and boating dock can be made available with lifeguards.


Outdoor bowling, mini golf, scooters, volleyball, basketball, and other sports can be enjoyed during a weekend picnic at Lake Rickabear.


Contact Carole Burke at for more information!



 Overnight Camping Documents

Camp Glen Spey
Camp Glen Spey is situated on 600 acres at the foothills of the Catskill Mountains. The camp offers beautiful hiking trails, a variety of plants and wildlife, a large playfield and a 70-acre heart-shaped glacial lake.  The camp is open year round, except during resident camp in July and August. It is open Labor Day Weekend for family camping.
Jockey Hollow Camp
Jockey Hollow Girl Scout Camp sits on 212 acres in Mendham Township. Troop camping is available year round, except weekdays in July and August. The new facilities offer campers a variety of amenities.
Lake Rickabear
Lake Rickabear is a 332-acre site located in the woodlands of Kinnelon with a 40-acre spring-fed lake. The camp is open for troop camping from September to June with family camping on Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends.
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