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There's Something AMAZING Inside! 
Samoas 40th Birthday Bash!
Everyone will be there!

Kick off cookie season by tuning in January 10, 2015, 2 p.m. EST


Girl Scouts across the country are gearing up for this year’s nationwide release of the newest show from Cookies Live – Samoas 40th Birthday Bash! On January 10, 2015, girls can celebrate the birthday of America’s most deliciously different cookie and tune in for the biggest cookie party ever. Mark your calendar, invite the girls to a location with an internet connection, and we’ll do the rest!


Pump up the fun and learning with a Birthday Bash event. You can plan your own, or ask your council or service unit if they’re hosting one.


Can’t wait to celebrate? See what’s happening online!


  • Explore the growing number of Birthday Bash party and craft ideas at
  • Check us out on Pinterest #SamoasBash.
  • “Like” Samoas Cookies on Facebook – and while you’re there, let everyone know you’re coming to the party. (Samoas has set a goal of getting 1 million “likes.)
  • If appropriate for your girls, invite them to check out #SamoasSelfie on Twitter and Instagram.


It’s going to be the biggest cookie party ever! Don’t miss it!




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