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What can a girl do? A world of good! I'll show you how!
Girl Scout Cookies!

Much more than a way to raise money, the Girl Scout Cookie Program is a hands-on leadership and entrepreneurial program. Girls learn, not from a book, but from real-life experiences.

Through the Girl Scout Cookie Program, girls develop five essential skills:

1. Goal Setting
2. Decision-Making
3. Money Management
4. People Skills
5. Business Ethics

For more information, view the Family Flyer.

For more on The 5 Skills for Girls
developed by GSUSA, go to

These are skills that last far beyond Cookie Season. Many successful business women and community leaders say they got their start selling Girl Scout Cookies.

Of course, the Girl Scout Cookie Program funds your girl's program activities. And it helps support our council and its special programs and facilities that benefit other area girls. All proceeds stay in our local community.

Best of all, girls love the Girl Scout Cookie Program and look forward to it each year. They enjoy the fun activities, exciting opportunities... and the chance to take charge!

Enjoy the Cookie Season with your Girl Scout. Truly, these are great cookies for a great cause. To learn more about how girls & families benefit from the Girl Scout Cookie Program, see videos at





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