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Digital Cookie

  Girl Rewards Program
  Goal Getters Go to Camp
  Cookies Across America Rally
  National Cookie Weekend

  Volunteer Quick Start Guide
  Cookie Rookies
  Rally Guide

Internet Resources
- eBudde
- Digital Cookie
- Cookie Locator
- Little Brownie Bakers

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What can a girl do? A world of good! I'll show you how!
Getting Started
  - Cookie Sale Order Card
  - Volunteer Quick Start Guide
  - Troop Cookie Manager Guide
  - Registered Girl Adjustment Form
  - Troop Proceeds
  - Rewards Program
  - Cookie Activity Pin Requirements
  - Cookie Pins & Badges
  - Girl Permission Slip
Cookie Info
  - Cookie Information & Nurition Facts
  - Cookie Allergens

Girls & Families
  - Family Guide to Cookie Program
  - "Why Participate?" Family Flyer
  - Super Selling Strategies
  - Door Hanger Order Card
  - Participation Certificate

Cookie Rallies
  - Rally Guide
  - Rally Activity - Cookie Cow Shuffle
  - Rally Activity - Cow Swaps Template
  - Rally Activity - Make a Megaphone
  - Rally Activity - Origami Business Card Case
  - Rally Participation Certificate

Digital Cookie
  - Digital Cookie for Girls
  - Digital Cookie for Volunteers
  - Digital Cookie for Parents and Families

Booth Sales & Cookie Cupboards
   - Booth Sale Fact Sheet
  - Booth Sale Guidelines
  - Booth Sale Checklist
  - Booth Sale Request Form Letter
  - Certificate of Insurance Template
  - Etiquette Contract
  - Best Cookie Booth Ever
  - Teen Booth Sale

Gift of Caring
  - Gift of Caring Information
  - Gift of Caring Tally Sheet

Cookies from Home
  - Cookies from Home Instructions

  - Cookie Mobile Flyer
  - Cookie Business Cards
  - Thank You Notes
  - National Cookie Weekend Social Media

Recipes & Fun
  - Samoa Recipes
  - Thin Mint Recipes
  - Tagalong Recipes
  - Do-si-do Recipes
  - Trefoil Recipes
  - Rah Rah Raisin Recipes Recipes
  - Coloring Pages
  - Crossword
  - Campfire Seek & Find



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 Cookie Costume Rental Form

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