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There's Something AMAZING Inside! 

Ready to go more places, give more to your community, and do more than you ever thought possible? Grab your Girl Scout friends and plan your cookie business. You're in charge, so set an exciting goal and let your passion be your guide.

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Videos, quizzes, activities, and tips for a successful Girl Scout Cookie Sale:




Digital Cookie for Girls


Now you can sell cookies in a whole new way with Digital Cookie’s Digital Order Card!

It’s true. The Girl Scout Cookie Program has gone digital, and being a rock star cookie boss has never been easier. The Digital Order Card is fun, safe, easy, and super cool!

Digital Cookie’s Digital Order Card also makes it easier than ever for your cookie customers to support you while enjoying beyond-delicious Girl Scout Cookies!


With the Digital Order Card, you can:

  • Create your very own Digital Cookie site, telling customers about your goals and taking orders online.
  • Customize the way you learn and earn, using technology to do things like build your customer list and post a photo or video to inspire more support.
  • Market your cookie business, sending cool emails to friends and family to encourage them to visit your Digital Cookie site.
  • Track your sales with an awesome dashboard, analyzing your results by cookie, week, and type of delivery.


Check out some of these great Digital Cookie resources for Girl Scouts:


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