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Thank you to all our volunteers! With your help, girls can make their dreams come true with Girl Scout Cookies. They’ll learn 5 Skills for life and have a lot of fun along the way. We have everything you need to make your Girl Scout Cookie Sale Program quick, easy and inspiring. Looking for ideas and inspiration? Visit!  


Digital Cookie for Volunteers


In December, the members of your Girl Scout Troop will receive an email from Girl Scouts of the USA inviting Girl Scouts (or the parents of Girl Scouts) to register for the Digital Order Card. Girls can set up their web page, customize it and begin to schedule emails to go out to potential customers.  


To prepare your Girl Scouts for Digital Cookie, take a few moments to go through some Digital Cookie and Internet Safety tips with this Digital Cookie Safety First Video


More than a Fundraiser


The Girl Scout Cookie Program is much more than a fundraiser. It's a fun way for girls of all ages to earn the money that fuels their dreams. And it's a powerful, hands-on leadership and entrepreneurial program.

Follow the Five Steps to Cookie Success:

Step 1 - Set and Share Team Goals
Help girls select two goals that inspire them - one for fun and learning and one for making the world a better place.

Step 2 - Set Personal Goals
Be sure to remind girls that achieveing a team goal requires that every person achieve her personal goal. What would she like to learn along the way?

Step 3 - Hold a Family Meeting
Adults need to understand the importance of an activity before they give it their full support. Engaging families encourages them to be involved.

Step 4 - Sell Beyond Family and Friends
People love Girl Scout Cookies and are generally predisposed to buying them. Many women say their first business success was getting a "yes" from an unknown customer. Encourage your girls to market beyond people they know.

Step 5 - Track Your Progress and Celebrate Your Success!
Using a Goal Tracker to watch sales grow keeps everyone focused on the goal. When girls reach their goal, remember to celebrate.

For inspiring videos, resources, activities, clip art and more, go to


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