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Get the facts about the Girl Scout Cookie Program!
Download this flyer to give to customers at booth sales.


Sale Dates: January 16th – April 24th, 2016
Initial Order Period: January 16th – February 7th
Order Entry: February 11th (Troops), February 16th (SU)
National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend: February 26th – February 28th
Delivery: March 7th – March 19th
Booth Sales: March 19th – April 24th
Reward Orders Due to eBudde: April 26th (Troops), April 28th (SU)
Reward Orders Shipped to Service Units: Middle of May
The Girl Scout Cookie Program is fun for girls, but also helps girls develop their leadership and entrepreneurial skills. As the largest girl-led business in the country, the program allows girls to earn proceeds which can help girls reach their dreams. Cookie proceeds are often used to fund service projects right in the community. Girls also learn goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics.
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