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A Simple "Check" this Tax Season Helps Us Help Her!


Girl Scouts is one of the charitable organizations eligible to receive voluntary contributions from New Jersey taxpayers who choose to make a donation at the time they are filing their State of New Jersey tax return.


Residents throughout the state are being asked to consider this option when filing their 2013 New Jersey state taxes. All funds generated by the voluntary contribution program are returned to local Girl Scout councils across New Jersey to assist in providing a girl-centered, quality leadership experience.


How it Works...

  • >> When using Form NJ 1040, whether paper or electronic, at line 64, write in #15
           for the Girl Scout Councils of New Jersey Fund.
  • >> Check the dollar amount you wish to contribute or enter a specific dollar amount
           in the space provided.
  • >> Then, enter the total of your contribution. 
  • >> Further information can be found in the 2013 instructions for the NJ 1040, pages 3-5.

Your donation will automatically be deducted from your refund.  If you are not receiving a refund, your donation will increase your balance due.  Be sure to enter an amount when making a donation.


Contributions will go to the four Girl Scout Councils in New Jersey. Your contribution will help ensure that every girl in New Jersey has the opportunity to grow and learn with Girl Scouts.

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