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Donate to GSNNJ
Girl Scouting Works and Make a Difference!
» Women who were Girl Scouts as girls display higher levels of positive outcomes in
    their personal and professional lives within the areas of sense of self, education,
    income, civic engagement, and community service.*
» Girl Scouting contributes to academic success through the leadership skills and
    experiences girls gain through cooperative learning, girl-led activities, and
    learning by doing.*
Invest in Girls by Making a Gift Today
Despite the relatively low fee of $27 to join GSNNJ, the overall cost for program activities and support to GSNNJ's girl and adult members is more than $250 a year for each girl. Cookies sales, program fees and the council service fee raise $210 per girl-- that mean each year $40 per girl needs to be raised to bridge the cost gap.
How do we bridge the $40 plus gap per girl?
Through GSNNJ's Annual Family Campaign (AFC) appeal to member families to contribute to the Girl Scout mission in our area.
Your Gift Goes Back to the Girls

Founder Juliette Gordon Low sold her string of pearls to support Girl Scouting. Why? She believed in girls!  Consider the value of Girl Scouting to your girl, and make a contribution today! Thank you for donating.



Give by Mail

If you would prefer to give by check, contributions can be mailed to GSNNJ Fund Development, 95 Newark Pompton Turnpike, Riverdale, NJ 07457.  Thank you!


*Excerpts from Girl Scouting Works: The Alumnae Impact Study and Linking Leadership to Academics: The Girl Scout Difference.

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