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Featured Girl Scout Story

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First Name: Andrea

Troop #:

Grade Level:

Title: Operation Christmas Child in Rockaway

Rockaway Area Girl Scouts collected items within our service unit to make 128 boxes for Operation Chistmas Child, a project of Samaritan's Purse that collects gift-filled shoe boxes and delivers them to children living in desperate situations around the world. Lissette, Laura & myself are so proud of this great accomplishment for our Service Unit!! ROCKAWAY ROCKS!! Lissette Petry, Laura Foody and Andrea Ortenzi Service Unit Managers-Rockaway

First Name: Jillian

Troop #: 101

Grade Level: Girl Scout Junior (Gr 4-5)

Title: Memorial Day Parade

I represented my troop in the Sparta Memorial Day Parade. I also made a banner by painting the troop numbers on a piece of foam board and adding a dowel rod as the handle. It was fun to march in the parade and wave to all the people who came to watch. Marching on Memorial Day is patriotic and I think it's good for Girl Scouts to support the flag and all the men and women in the military.

First Name: Dawn

Troop #: Franklin S. U.

Grade Level: Girl Scout Junior (Gr 4-5)

Title: Building Bridges

The 4th Annual Building Bridges Scout Weekend was held recently at the Franklin Pond. Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts from Franklin and Hardyston joined together for this outstanding weekend. The weekend event centered around Franklin’s 100th Anniversary. Friday night, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts grouped into patrols, received their patrol shirts (grouped by color) and exhibited their sewing skills by adding their patrol's colors onto missiles that would be launched the next day. Erin Kidd, of Franklin Girl Scout Troop 897, designed the winning logo that was used for the weekend's event shirts. Scouts ended their evening around the bonfire. Saturday, scouts participated in skills stations in the morning, including butter making, fire starters, first aid, marbles and shiv carving. The Texas Orange patrol was the overall morning winning patrol led by Michael Majewski and Cassie Kull. The afternoon elimination-style games included 8 foot long sling shots, potato sack races, and a concentration-type memory match with historic Franklin items which yielded the ultimate afternoon winner, the Red Lollipops, led by co-captains, Joey Gunderman, Katie Iannotta and Jake Hubbard. The name of the Red Lollipops patrol was inspired by the penny candy that patrols earned throughout the weekend as they were awarded wheat pennies for teamwork and successful execution of skills. Patrols could then turn in their wheat pennies for penny candy at the refreshment shed. Scouts were invited to participate in the Franklin 100th Anniversary Celebration, held on Saturday afternoon at the pond, and organized by Mrs. Judy Williams. Some of the scouts were dressed in vintage uniforms for the ceremony. The teamwork demonstrated during the weekend this year far exceeded previous years and warranted a special mention of two scout leaders within their patrols. Michael Majewski (Texas Orange) and Kaitlyn Van Dyk (Chocolate Lattes) were awarded 1913 coins for their exemplary leadership skills. Saturday evening activities concluded with a dance with a DJ, funnel cakes masterfully created by Hardyston Boy Scout Troop #187 and a slide show of the weekend's events. The Scouts also set ablaze their floating fires on the pond that they had made earlier in the day for a spectacular and memorable closing. Should you like to join these scouts or sponsor an event next year, please call or text Scout Leader Dawn Inglis @ 201-317-7823 or Molly Hubbard @ 973-862-1333.

First Name: Sanjana

Troop #: 47

Grade Level: Girl Scout Cadette (Gr 6-8)

Title: Girl Scouts Making a Difference in Our Historic Birthplace

One week after Super Storm Sandy hit, Girl Scouts of Northern New Jersey visited the birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low in Savannah, Georgia. While visiting historical landmarks, Girl Scouts learned about old Girl Scout ways and important historical facts. Savannah is a very beautiful town, which is architecturally unique. The whole city of Savannah is built in squares, and one very important square was the Wright Square. The Wright Square was where General James Edward Oglethorpe stood in the middle representing Georgia. Savannah has a beautiful riverfront where many people like to go to relax and shop. One major place that Girl Scouts enjoyed was the echo circle where girls could hear their echo when listening. Here are some of the popular restaurants that the Girl Scouts dined in: Paula Deens restaurant, The Pirate House, and Tony Roma's. Savannah is very famous for salt-water taffy and pralines. In Savannah, Girl Scouts were highly respected and if spectators saw a Girl Scout they would come take pictures and give little gifts. While the Girl Scouts of Northern New Jersey were visiting, the Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia gathered many supplies for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Old town trolleys transported the boxes to the train station. In Savannah, Girl Scouts stood in a long line to form a human chain and help load the donations into the train. The Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia collected and donated two cars worth of emergency supplies! One by one a chain of one hundred Girl Scouts passed on the boxes to the next and nearly an hour later they loaded every single box donated from Savannah. Thanks to the town of Savannah, Hurricane Sandy victims have benefited from the donations. Amtrak generously carried the supplies back to New Jersey free of charge, so they can be distributed to the Sandy victims. Without the help of Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia, Amtrak, and GSNNJ this wonderful action wouldn't be possible. Once again Girl Scouts have shown how they can make a big difference with a small action.

First Name: Michelle

Troop #: 5688

Grade Level: Girl Scout Daisy (K-1)

Title: Daisy Investiture Ceremony

Girl Scout Daisy Tropo 5688 from Newton recently held their first investiture ceremony. The troop was started in the Merriam Avenue School in January and already has 25 girls and several leaders. The girls had a great time celebrating being Girl Scout Daisies.

Girl Scout Troops can start at any time throughout the year, including winter! This troop has done a great job getting their girls involved and active during the spring, marching in the Memorial Day Parade in Newton and doing many other fun activities!

First Name: Alexandra

Troop #: 95723

Grade Level: Girl Scout Daisy (K-1)

Title: Sharing is Caring

My Girl Scout Daisy troop was visiting a senior citizen home on my birthday (it's my mom's b-day, too). I knew I would be tired after my party, but I really wanted to go and help serve the seniors dinner. They were so happy to have dinner with us and tell us all about themselves. One resident even showed us a bunch of magic tricks. It was a great way to celebrate my birthday. Sharing really is caring :)

First Name: Annika Soni

Troop #: 95331

Grade Level: Girl Scout Junior (Gr 4-5)

Title: Restore the Shore

This is Anni, Mandy, Melanie and Ellie, Girl Scout Troop 5331, dropping off all of the produce we washed and bagged at Bialas Farms in New Hampton, NY. We received a grant from City Green to collect these vegetables for victims of Hurricane Sandy. It was a lot of work, but in the end, we made a difference with the power of teamwork. Every little hand makes a big difference.

First Name: Ellie

Troop #: 95331

Grade Level: Girl Scout Junior (Gr 4-5)

Title: Recognition in Clifton

On April 3, 2013 Girl Scout Troop 5331 was honored for bagging food to give to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Each girl and adult has just received a certificate of thanks from the City of Clifton. Our troop bagged 4,500 pounds of vegetables and they all went to a great cause.

First Name: Allison

Troop #: Service Unit

Grade Level:

Title: Trefoils for Newtown

Wayne Girl Scouts participated in the Trefoils for Newtown program. Several trefoils were decorated with warm wishes and sent to the Connecticut Girl Scout Council in Hartford for inclusion in the Sister to Sister Trefoil project for Girl Scouts and their families in Newtown.

First Name: Allison

Troop #: Wayne Service Unit

Grade Level:

Title: Toys for Hurricane Sandy Children

Santa's Rooftop was a Girl Scout initiative that was extended through two of the schools in the Wayne School District. Terhune and Lafayette Elementary School families and several Girl Scout troops donated approximately 400 gifts to the Rooftop program. Families were sent home a permission slip that needed to be completed in order for the child to receive a tag. Gifts were brought back to the school, sorted, coded and distributed to the families of Little Ferry, NJ via their Service Unit Manager. The toy drive was able to donate enough toys to fulfill approx. 50 Girl Scout families and siblings and 1 Boy Scout troop. Any "extra" donations were given to Santa's Rooftop from Pompton Lakes to be distributed to families in need at the Jersey Shore. It was extremely well executed by Dawn Hunczak and Lisa Silva - two leaders in Wayne.

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