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GSNNJ Delegates 2019

Council Delegates

GSUSA National Council Session/55th Convention, Orlando, Florida
Oct. 21-23, 2020
(Required for GSNNJ Council Delegates)

G.I.R.L. 2020 Convention, Orlando, Florida
Oct. 23-25, 2020

2020 National Council Delegate Application

Want to represent GSNNJ as a Council Delegate in Orlando, Florida?

In October 2020, the National Girl Scout Council will convene its next triennial session in Orlando, Florida. Every Girl Scout council is entitled to send a specified number of Council Delegates to serve as voting members of the National Council. 

Who can apply?

All registered Adult Members and Girl Scouts (age 14 or older) are invited to apply to become a voting Council Delegate for a three-year period (2020-2023) with the opportunity to enjoy an unforgetable experience!

What do Council Delegates do?

  • Represent GSNNJ at the National Council Session as voting members
  • Attend the business meetings at the National Council Session
  • Vote on new proposals, bylaws, and the National Board of Directors
  • Engage with other delegates, gather feedback from the National Council Session, and bring back information for GSNNJ members
  • Attend the G.I.R.L. 2020 Convention (optional)
  • Experience activities at the convention exhibit hall and breakout sessions

How are Council Delegates selected?

National Council Delegates and Alternates are selected by the GSNNJ Board Development Committee from the applications that are received. The applicants will subsequently be presented to our council's membership for adoption at the Annual Meeting on May 13, 2020.

How do I apply to be a Council Delegate?

How much does this cost?

Council Delegates need to be able to attend the full National Council Session in Florida. GSNNJ will pay for conference and convention registration fees, airfare, lodging from Oct. 21-23, 2020, and per diem expenses of its voting Council Delegates. Participants will have the option to stay through Oct. 25, and an additional cost may occur for Saturday night lodging.

Eligibility Requirements

Council Delegates must:

  • Be a citizen of the United States of America. 
  • Be a registered Girl Scout of 14 years or older, or a registered Adult Member of the Girl Scout Movement as of October 1, 2019 and 2020.
  • Be able to represent the points of view of various ethnic, racial, educational, civic, religious, and socioeconomic groups.
  • Be willing to prepare thoroughly on the issues and business that will come before the National Council.

Council Delegate nominees must be willing to commit to the following accountabilities:

  • Attend all local orientation and preparation meetings prior to the National Council Meeting. 
  • Study the agenda and be informed on our council’s point of view about actions to be taken by the National Council. 
  • Attend all meetings of the National Council and report National Council actions to local council members. 
  • Know parliamentary procedures and how to use them. (Training will be made available.)
  • Participate in the role of Council Delegate for the entire three-year period (2020-2023).
Video Requirements
  • Videos should be prepared before completing the online application.
  • Videos less than 6 MB in file size can be emailed with your application form.
  • Use your name as the video file name.
  • Videos larger than 6 MB will need to be uploaded to an external file sharing service (Google Drive) and the link emailed to Cathy Ragnetti at