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Girl Scouts meet with NJ State Senator to advocate for Bill S-2776

Troop 60019 Sen Paul Sarlo 530x

GSNNJ Girl Scout Troop 60019, led by Jean Myers and Natalie Cullen, met with NJ State Senator Paul Sarlo this week to advocate for State Bill S-2776, which will dramatically reduce plastic bags and polystyrene use across the state. Joining the troop at the meeting were Bradley Beach town council member John Weber and Executive Director of the Association of NJ Environmental Commissions (ANJEC) Jennifer Coffey.

Senator Sarlo chairs the committee that controls the bill, and after speaking with the Girl Scouts, he pledged his support for the bill and said that he will work to get it to a full senate vote in the next 6 weeks.

The troop has been advocating for 7 years (since they were age 9) to reduce single use plastic in our state, because studies show that plastic is in our drinking water, seafood, sea salt, honey, and in the air we breathe. Some plastics have an additive that is discovered to be an endocrine disruptor and styrene is recognized by the EPA as a possible carcinogen.