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Staff Directory

Membership Recruitment

Dahlia CooperDirector of Membership Recruitment(973) 248-8200
Carmen DaCostaMembership Recruitment Manager(973) 248-8200
Pam SingerMembership Recruitment Manager(973) 248-8200
Lissette TufaroMembership Recruitment Manager(973) 248-8200
Chiquita BarnesMembership Recruitment Manager(973) 248-8200
Kendrick DurantMembership Recruitment Manager (973) 248-8200
Dorothy BingMembership Recruitment Manager(973) 248-8200
Katherine TejadaMembership Recruitment Manager9973) 248-8200
Darlene CooperAdministrative Assistant - Membership Recruitment(973) 248-8200

Membership Placement

Jeannie IndoeMembership Placement Specialist - Team Lead(973) 248-8200
Cynthia CarvalhoMembership Placement Specialist(973) 248-8200
Katherine YacolcaMembership Placement Specialist(973) 248-8200

Office of the Chief Executive

Betty GargerChief Executive Officer(973) 248-8200
Alejandro MartinezChief Operating Officer(973) 248-8200
Charisse TaylorChief Program Officer(973) 248-8200
Edwin BarretoChief Financial Officer(973) 248-8200
Sandra KenoffChief Development & Communications Officer(973) 248-8200
Susan MillerDirector of Human Resources(973) 248-8200
Cathy RagnettiExecutive Associate - CEO & COO(973) 248-8200

Financial Literacy Programs

Janet BarnesDirector of Product Sales(973) 248-8200
Judy SchlemmProduct Sales Manager(973) 248-8200
Michele DarlingProduct Sales Manager(973) 248-8200

Customer Care

Judy GintyDirector of Customer Care & Troop/Service Unit Support(973) 248-8200
Carol LeoAdministrative Assistant - Customer Care & Troop/Service Unit Support(973) 248-8200
Adriana OliverCustomer Care Specialist(973) 248-8200

Troop Support

Bonita BarnhartTroop/Service Unit Support Manager(973) 248-8200
Maria GonzalezTroop/Service Unit Support Manager(973) 248-8200
Lori MillerTroop/Service Unit Support Manager(973) 248-8200
Gail KennedyTroop/Service Unit Support Manager(973) 248-8200

Girl Experience Programs

Laurie StepperDirector of Program(973) 248-8200
Pat ChristieProgram Manager(973) 248-8200
Lorena KirschnerProgram Manager(973) 248-8200
Angela BarraAdministrative Assistant - Program (973) 248-8200
Christina DockProgram Manager(973) 248-8200
Dana LoughreyProgram Manager(973) 248-8200
Rachel JaffeOutdoor Program & Day Camp Director(973) 248-8200
Elena MorganOutdoor Program & Day Camp Director(973) 248-8200
Carole BurkeRental Coordinator(973) 248-8200
Mary UrbanAdministrative Assistant - Program(973) 248-8200
Gigi MauderAdministrative Associate - CPO(973) 248-8200

Retail Sales

Rachel CawleyDirector of Retail Sales(973) 248-8200
Helen FutterknechtShop Sales Associate(973) 248-8200
Linda WagonerShop Sales Associate(973) 248-8200
Ruth Ann QuamShop Sales Associate(973) 248-8200
Louise CrocollFront Desk Associate(973) 248-8200
Jeannine PerryShop Sales Associate973-248-8200
Nancy WongFront Desk Associate(973) 248-8200

Marketing and Communications

Mia Mischuk-O'BrienCommunications & Social Media Manager(973) 248-8200
Lynn ApolinaroDirector of Public Relations(973) 248-8200

Fund Development

Lauren GurryDirector of Corporate & Foundation Relations(973) 248-8200
Director of Individual Giving & Special Events(973) 248-8200
Melissa SchielzoExecutive Associate - CDCO(973) 248-8200


Nancy DiMeoBookkeeper(973) 248-8200
Linda O'SullivanAccountant(973) 248-8200

Business Operations

Judie TellerDirector of Business Integration(973) 248-8200
Tracy MerwedeData Integrity Specialist(973) 248-8200

Administrative Services & Purchasing

Jeanne MorrisFacilities Administrator(973) 248-8200

Administrative Services

Rocio ObredorGeneral Services Assistant(973) 248-8200

Outdoor Properties

Gary McAfeeLead Ranger
Ed KriskewicRanger
James LoefflerRanger
Steven MartinAssistant Ranger
James LauschAssistant Ranger