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Information for Girls

Rhino Goal Chart

Let's get started! 

Setting goals is a great way to get started in the Fall Product Program. Your goals may be to earn enough money for a Take Action project or a fun trip, to work toward becoming a Goal Getter, to sell more than you did last year, or to earn your favorite recognition items.

Customers want to know about your goals so they can help you reach them. Setting goals is a great activity to do as a troop, too. Set troop goals as well as personal goals. Download the Goal Sheet to set your goals for the Fall Product Program.

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Set up your online shop

If you haven't already, set up your online shop and create your own Avatar!

Earn recognition items

During the Fall Product Program, you will not only earn funds for your Girl Scout activities—you'll earn recognition items and patches, too. Check out the different things you might want to receive! 

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Personalize your patches

You can earn and create personalized patches for the 2019 Fall Product Program and the 2020 Girl Scout Cookie Program, too!

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