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Perfectly Imperfect (code: 2040)

Sat Mar 16, 1:15 PM - 2:15 PM
Body Image Boutique
Thu Jan 31, 12:01 AM - Wed Mar 06, 11:59 PM
Program Type:
Healthy Living
Girl Fee:

In advertising, movies, television, and especially social media, girls are exposed to unrealistic ideals of perfection that diminish their self-esteem and lead to negative body image. During this program, girls will learn about how yoga, meditation, and breath-work can help them connect with their inner voice and learn to be grateful for their bodies - for what they do, rather than how they look. Girls take away tools that they can use every day to maintain their confidence and stay true to themselves. They will also take home their own journal to keep positive and inspiring messages in. Link patch and completed badge can be purchased at the council shop.