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Women's Land Army and More (2074)

Mon Mar 15, 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM EST
Thu Jan 28, 12:01 AM - Fri Mar 05, 11:59 AM EST
Program Type:
Civics & History
Gr 4-5
Arts & Theater, Other, Enrichment, Civics & History
Juniors, Adults
Virtual via Zoom
Girl Fee:
Adult Fee:
Minimum Attendance:
Maximum Attendance:

This is a VIRTUAL program that will be held on ZOOM. From community charities to wartime efforts to Broadway shows, the women of Macculloch Hall took on leadership roles at the local, state and national levels. For Women’s History Month, celebrate the ideas of many inspirational women. Girls will learn about amazing woman from the 1840’s-1940’s and the Women’s Land Army, when women helped boost food production The girls will use a dipping pen, create a poster and write their own poems after being inspired by a woman suffragist. . Program fee includes a 1-hour live virtual class and a self-contained art kit including a dipping pen and ink. Link patch and fun patch can be purchased at the council shops.

Badge Links: Women’s History Month Fun Patch