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Daisy Badges

GSUSA resource: Insignia List: Girl Scout Daisies

The Promise Center and Learning Petals

Girls can place Learning Petals in any order they choose around the Promise Center.

  • Lupe the Lupine (Light Blue), Honest and Fair
  • Sunny the Sunflower (Yellow), Friendly and Helpful 
  • Zinni the Zinnia (Spring Green), Considerate and Caring
  • Tula the Tulip (Red), Courageous and Strong
  • Mari the Marigold (Orange), Responsible for What I Say and Do
  • Gloria the Morning Glory (Purple), Respect Myself and Others
  • Gerri the Geranium (Magenta), Respect Authority
  • Clover (Green), Use Resources Wisely
  • Rosi the Rose (Rose), Make the World a Better Place
  • Vi the Violet (Violet), Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout 
  • Amazing Daisy (Daisy Blue), Promise Center



Financial Literacy and Cookie Business Leaves

  • Financial Literacy Leaves
    • Money Counts
    • Making Choices
  • Cookie Business Leaves
    • Count it Up
    • Talk it Up

Journey Leadership Awards

Learn more about Girl Scout Journeys
  • Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden. It's Your World, Change It! Journey Awards
    • Watering Can Award
    • Golden Honey Bee Award
    • Amazing Daisy Award
  • Between Earth and Sky. It's Your Planet, Love It! Journey Awards
    • Blue Bucket Award
    • Firefly Award
    • Clover Award
  • 5 Flowers, 4 Stories, 3 Cheers for Animals. It's Your Story, Tell It! Journey Awards
    • Birdbath Award
    • Red Robin Award
    • Tula Award
  • Daisy Journey Summit Award
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