GSNNJ Pillar Patch

Girl Scouts of Northern New Jersey is excited to introduce our new GSNNJ Pillar Patch for Girl Scouts of all levels. For a comprehensive Girl Scout Leadership Experience, girls should choose a variety of activities that explore the four pillars (key areas) of our program. To help you build a well-rounded experience, we’ve created this pillar patch—a fun way to guide you on your Girl Scout journey.

Choose one council-led activity in each area and you’ll earn a corresponding “pillar” or column to complete your pillar patch for your current Girl Scout level. Once you bridge to your next Girl Scout level, you can start over by choosing new age-appropriate activities to earn another year’s worth of pillars.

Visit our council shop to purchase your GSNNJ Pillar Patch pieces.

Activities in the Girl Scout Leadership Experience focus on four key areas:

Choose from these and other council activities to earn your GSNNJ Pillar Patch.