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Gold Award Forms & Requirements
The forms below are for Girl Scouts of Northern New Jersey. Please use these forms in place of ones provided by Girl Scouts of the USA.

 Gold Award Forms


 Gold Award Requirements


The Girl Scout Gold Award represents the highest and most prestigious achievement in Girl Scouting. Open only to girls in high school, this prestigious award challenges girls to change the world with a leadership project of at least 80 hours. Each girl must discover an issue in her community, connect with experts and community members, and take action to affect positive change.


Fulfilling the requirements for the Girl Scout Gold Award starts with attending a GSNNJ Gold Award Workshop. Girls receive comprehensive information about the process and their leadership project at these valuable (and required) workshops. Then, girls must complete two Girl Scout Senior or Ambassador Journeys or have earned the Silver Award and complete one Girl Scout Senior or Ambassador Journey.


After completing the pre-requisites, girls begin a seven step process:


1.  Choose an Issue: Using her values and skills, she identifi es a community issue she feels passionate about.


2.  Investigate: She researches everything she can about the issue to gain focus and understanding.


3.  Get Help: She invites others to support and take action alongside her. She chooses a project advisor, a person with expertise in her chosen topic, to guide her along the way.


4.  Create a Plan: She creates a project plan that achieves sustainable and measurable impact. She must consider time management and budgeting, what resources she will need, and how the project will be sustained long-term.


5.  Present the Plan and Get Feedback: She must sum up her project plan for the Girl Scouts of Northern New Jersey volunteer Gold Award Advisory Committee. This includes fi lling out a project proposal and attending an interview with the committee. The committee will provide valuable suggestions and advice.


6.  Take Action: She takes the lead to carry out her plan. If she hits a speed bump along the way, she learns from it and adjusts accordingly.


7.  Educate and Inspire: She shares what she has experienced with others! Then she completes her Girl Scout Gold Award Final Report.


Achieving the Girl Scout Gold Award is a worthwhile goal that teaches girls to be responsible and organized, to be dedicated to their communities, and to set big goals and work hard to reach them.


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