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First Name: JoAnna

Troop #:

Grade Level:

Title: Girl Scouts of the USA Focus Group

My daughter, Francesca and a friend, were given the opportunity to be part of a Girl Scout focus group at Playlab in NYC. It was quite an adventure traveling to the city with these two, taking the buses and taxi and subway. I had the opportunity to chat with Girl Scout leaders from New York (Queens and Rockland), while the girls shared their opinions about selling cookies, cookie booth sales, and a new cookie website. I am so happy to see that Girl Scouts really does take the girls ideas into consideration building these programs. I was thrilled to meet a representative from Girl Scouts USA and loved how excited the staff were with this group of girls. It was a wonderful way to show this small group that their opinions matter and that this is really a girl-led program. Sometimes I have wondered if they really listen to the girls and while I realize the program isn't perfect, it just confirmed why I love Girl Scouts so much.

First Name: Jillian

Troop #: 95029

Grade Level: Girl Scout Daisy (K-1)

Title: Cookie Dough Donated to K-9 Unit

Along with my troop, I helped sell Girl Scout Cookies and raise money, and then we all voted to make a donation to our new K-9 police unit. We hope we have made a difference!

First Name: Tracy

Troop #: 95105

Grade Level: Girl Scout Daisy (K-1)

Title: Girl Scout Cookie Proceeds

As we prepared for our Girl Scout Cookie sale this year and discussed the concepts of making choices with money, the girls decided that they wanted to use some of their cookie proceeds to help others in our area. We dicussed a few options, and then voted. The winning organization was the American Red Cross, with a donation directed towards Hurricane Sandy relief. The girls had seen the damage caused by the storm in our own neighborhood, and felt strongly that they wanted to help. At our April meeting we had Karen Winlund, from the Morristown office of the American Red Cross come to the meeting where the girls presented her with the "Big Check", donating 50% of their cookie proceeds to the storm relief fund.

First Name: Emily

Troop #: 5015

Grade Level: Girl Scout Daisy (K-1)

Title: Limited Edition Girl Scout Cookie Brownies

My family owns a general store and restaurant in Green Township, NJ, and we have been using Girl Scout Cookies to create desserts for sale. My favorites have been Thin Mint Brownies, Tagalong Brownies, and Peanut Butter Cheesecake Cups. Customers at The Tranquility Store have been eating them up, plus I was able to add an extra dozen boxes to my sales so we would have enough to bake with for a while.

First Name: Lisa

Troop #: 4220

Grade Level: Girl Scout Brownie (Gr 2-3)

Title: Gift of Caring

Mt. Olive Brownie Troop 4220 wants to thank EVERYONE who helped make our Gift of Caring project such a huge success!! We were able to surprise the mother of one of our girls who is serving overseas, and her Air Force unit, with 335 boxes of cookies and 100 thank you cards. Thank you again for the fabulous response and for once again showing us that fabulous Girl Scout spirit of sisterhood!!

First Name: Vicki

Troop #:

Grade Level:

Title: Girl Scout Cookies: A Love that Runs in the Family

From the time I was a little girl, in Girl Scout Brownies, I've been excited about Girl Scout Cookies. Now that I'm a Girl Scout leader, and Girl Scout Cookie mom for the troop, I'm realizing that must just be something that runs in my family. My mother always puts in a big order every year (my daughter started as a first-year Girl Scout Daisy and is now a Girl Scout Junior). Not only does she buy a very generous amount of cookies for herself, every year, but she always donates an even bigger amount to be sent over to our U.S. troops (this year she donated 60 boxes, on top of the ones she bought for herself). My family is always very supportive of my daughter and her sales, but they are also very supportive of the Girl Scout message. This year, my brother bought 144 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies, and when he picked them up, he decided to buy another case of Thin Mints because he didn't think he had gotten enough of them. That's 156 boxes in all! His plan for all these cookies was to bring them to friends and co-workers as gifts. Our troop is scheduled for a final booth sale this coming weekend. He just called to ask how many more he needs to buy, because he saw my "share" of the #onemorebox campaign. I emphasized to him that he has done more than is necessary and that we will be having another booth sale. He pledged to buy whatever is left after the sale.

First Name: Hailey

Troop #: 94584

Grade Level: Girl Scout Daisy (K-1)

Title: Girl Scout Cookie Sale

We collected money from our cookie sale and used some of the proceeds to purchase toiletries for an orphanage.

First Name: Tabitha

Troop #: 4754

Grade Level: Girl Scout Junior (Gr 4-5)

Title: A Cookie Can Help Us Reach Our Goals!

Troop 4754 held a Girl Scout Cookie booth sale at Lord & Taylor in Paramus! These girls make a great team!

First Name: Shamerra

Troop #: 4033

Grade Level: Girl Scout Junior (Gr 4-5)

Title: Cookie Dads

My troop really has fun when our dads lend a hand with our booth sales! We used some of our cookie money to go to Great Wolf Lodge!!!!

First Name: Kieley

Troop #: 60649

Grade Level: Girl Scout Ambassador (Gr 11-12)

Title: Operation Cookie

Processing over 1200 boxes of Girl Scout cookies donated by Saddle Brook and Glen Rock Girl Scout for the troops serving overseas and for local food pantries.

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