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Free Being Me

Dove and Girl Scouts Bring You 'Free Being Me'


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Images of girls and women in the media are of great interest to girls today. Through a partnership with Dove and the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS), Girl Scouts of the USA will be launching Free Being Me, a global leadership initiative focused on helping girls better understand global definitions of beauty, define beauty for themselves and boost their self-confidence in the process.


Make a PSA that urges people to celebrate the qualities that make them unique – and beautiful.   Want more information on how to create a PSA? Simply visit to get started!  The winner of Free Being Me PSA contest will win an iPad Air (16GB). Teamwork is always encouraged, so groups of 5 or less will each be eligible for an iPad!

Girls must be 13 and older to submit videos on Facebook. Videos should be under 2 minutes. Entrants agree not to submit any videos in which another owns any copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, moral right, or other proprietary right. Licenses must be obtained from the rights holder(s) for the use of music recordings.


Click here to find out about the GSUSA public service announcement for Free Being Me! 




 Free Being Me Resources


Free Being Me
will help girls understand from a global perspective that a greater diversity of beauty exists and give them opportunity to take action to promote this diversity to girl locally and globally. Importantly, Free Being Me can be used to introduce or enhance girls’experiences along the It’s Your Story—Tell It! Girl Scout Journey series.
We encourage you to use the teaser activity at your upcoming meetings and events and share it with others to build excitement for this new global leadership initiative.
Download the Free Being Me Teaser Activity here!   (This link includes the instructions.)
For more information and background to Free Being Me, go to More activities like this to come in 2014.
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