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CPR & First Aid Training
In Girl Scouting, the term “first-aider” applies to an adult who has taken a GSUSA approved
CPR and First Aid training course, and whose certifications are current. All currently licensed RNs. EMTs and medical doctors qualify as "first-aiders." As a service to all of our registered adult volunteers, GSNNJ offers American Red Cross training sessions. American Red Cross CPR/AED and First Aid certifications are for a two year period.
As per Volunteer Essentials GSUSA and GSNNJ recognize First Aid and CPR courses offered by the American Red Cross, National Safety Council, EMP America and American Heart Association.
First Aid and CPR training that is available entirely online does not satisfy Girl Scouts' requirement. Such courses do not offer enough opportunities to practice and receive feedback on your technique.
Cancellation Policy: Cancellations are required 48 hours in advance of the class by phone or email to Angela Barra, 201-967-8100 or A 15% cancellation fee will be applied to any missed American Red Cross courses.
Who should take CPR and First Aid Training?
      » For many activities, as noted in the Safety Activity Checkpoints and Volunteer Essentials,
          Girl Scouts requires that at least one adult volunteer be CPR/First Aid certified. Many
          consider it 
a best practive to always have a first-aider present during troop meetings
          and other activities.
Full Course Description:
The CPR course includes Adult/Child CPR and AED.
      » Cost through GSNNJ: CPR course = $35, First Aid course = $30
      » What to Bring: Please bring a blanket.
      » What to Wear: Please dress comfortably, as you will be sitting on the floor at times. 
          If you have long hair please bring a hair tie.
      » For CPR class, please do not wear lipstick or lip gloss.

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 First Aid Full Course

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