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Extended Trips
Who should take Extended Trips?
-       One adult per troop planning a trip of three or more nights.
-       The Overnight Orientation Self-Study completed 2 weeks before this course.
Course Description:
This is a 2 ½ hour course that covers trip planning, money earning, insurance, and safety issues. One adult volunteer from a troop, group or Service Unit planning a trip of three or more nights is required to take this course.
The Overnight Orientation Self Study is a prerequisite for Extended Trips and must be completed two weeks prior to taking the training.  The volunteer taking this course must either be (1) a trained leader or (2) if not a leader of a troop/group, the volunteer will be required to have two leaders who have completed basic and age level trainings accompany them on all extended trips.

This course must be taken at least six months prior to the trip if the destination is within the US, twelve months if trip destination is outside the US. However, if you are traveling internationally, it is recommended that you consider taking this training 2 years in advance (so that you have sufficient time to plan and complete money earning activities).
Include schedule/chart for Extended Trips.

 Extended Trips

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