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Overnight Orientation Self-Study
This course is a pre-requisite for Troop Camper Certification. This is a self study course that covers readiness, progression, overnight facilities, girl planning, emergency procedures, safety tips, parent communication, equipment, adult responsibilities and program information.
Who should take Overnight Orientation?
        One adult per troop before these activities:
                >>     Sleepovers in private homes, including tent camping in the yard
                >>     Community encampments
                >>     Overnights at hotels, motels, environmental centers, and other activity centers
**No campfire or cooking are allowed at these activities unless one adult is trained in Troop Camper Certification.
*Please note: If you plan on tent camping at a campground on your own (not as part of a community encampment- for example, tent camping at Hershey Park or tent camping at Beach Jam), you must take the Troop Camper Certification, Part 1 & Part 2.
Please email the self study test answer sheet (2 pages) to Bonita Barnhart at or fax to 201-967-7175, attn. Bonita Barnhart two weeks prior to any overnight activity or Troop Camper Certification training. If you have any questions contact Bonita at 201-967-8100  ext. 236. 

Materials (available at in the "Resources" section)
      »  Refer to the above resources
      »  Complete the attached test, please include chapter and page numbers
      »  Return the answer sheet (2 pages) to or fax it to 201-967-7175
          attn: Bonita Barnhart.
      »  You will receive a verification email.





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