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Troop Camper Certification

Pre-requisite to this course: Overnight Orientation Self Study.

Troop Camper Certification is a two-part course. Part 1 is a 3-hour planning session for Part 2. Part 1 covers skills, planning, safety, and outdoor cooking materials. Part 2 is a 6-hour outdoor experience that covers propane stoves, fire building, outdoor cooking, camping skills, and hiking.  Please note: There is no longer a fee for this course.

Who should take Troop Camper Certification?

        One adult per troop participating in:
>>     Outdoor campfires or activities using indoor fireplaces
>>     Camping when meals are not provided
>>     Camping when meals are cooked using propane, butane, charcoal, solar cooking, 
         wood fires, or hibachi.
>>     Camping at campgrounds on your own, not part of a community encampment
- Overnight Orientation Self-Study must be completed 2 weeks before taking this course.
Bring: A copy of Outdoor Education in Girl Scouting, or plan to purchase the book in the council shop before the Part 1 session.  The Part 1 sessions are scheduled on Tuesday evenings when the council shop is open; please arrive early to shop so that the class can begin as scheduled.
What to Wear: Please wear comfortable shoes and dress for the weather when attending
Part 2 at camp.

Troop Camper Certification, Part 1 & 2 must always be taken together. You will be part of a patrol formed during Part 1 and this patrol will work together during Part 2. These modules may NOT be mixed and matched.

 Troop Camper Certification

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