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Camp Badges & Traditions

Summer camp is more than just fun in the sun and outdoor adventures. It’s about celebrating sisterhood and engaging in decades of camp traditions that are carried down to new campers each season. And, it's also about earning badges that you can wear on your Girl Scout uniform all year-long!


Girl Scout camp is where girls feel comfortable acquiring new skills in a safe and supportive all-girl environment. Girls will explore nature, build confidence by trying new things, and take healthy risks with the support of a sisterhood of fellow campers and strong female role models. And, camp offers girls a variety of opportunities to learn, grow, and build courage, confidence, and character. 

COURAGE: As they make choices and direct projects, girls learn to work well with others, become self-reliant, and develop their leadership skills.

CONFIDENCE: For many girls, camp has unlimited potential to unlock or boost a girl’s confidence. Girls have the opportunity to try new things and test their limits.

CHARACTER: Camp is a safe place for girls to learn individual responsibility and work as part of a team. 

Badge-earning Activities

Girls will have the opportunity to earn Girl Scout badges in horsemanship, camping, leadership, and more. By wearing their badges proudly on their uniform all year long, they can remember their accomplishments and special moments from camp.

Camp Traditions

Morning ceremony: At both Lake Rickabear and Jockey Hollow, girls start their camp day by joining for a morning meeting, raising the American flag and saying the Pledge of Allegiance and the Girl Scout Promise. One camp unit has the privilege of leading the morning ceremony, unfurling the flag, and raising it proudly.

Camp songs: Believe it or not, there is a special song for Jockey Hollow and Lake Rickabear. Don’t know the words? Don’t worry. We will teach you! At camp, we sing all day long – on the bus ride to and from camp, on hikes, and throughout the day. What song is your favorite? Princess Pat? Once A Girl Scout Went to Camp? Come sing with us and learn some new catchy tunes.

Stream exploration: For many girls, stream exploration is a camp favorite. Girls love trekking down to the stream, stomping through the water, and uncovering crayfish and bugs under the rocks. For decades, girls have been dipping their nets in the icy cold water and examining the creatures that live there.

Field games: When it comes to camp, all you need is a little imagination and a desire to have fun. Spud, Gaga, Drip Drip Drop, and 9 Square in the Air are a few of the fun games we play.