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Volunteer Training

Welcome to Tools to Lead. This section describes learning opportunities for adult volunteers.

You must be pre-registered for all in-person training courses, must be a current member of GSNNJ, and have completed the criminal background check online.

Troop Camper Certification

Who should take Troop Camper Certification?

One adult per troop participating in:

  • Outdoor campfires or activities using indoor fireplace.
  • Camping when meals are not provided.
  • Camping when meals are cooked using propane, butane, charcoal, solar cooking, wood fires, or hibachi.
  • Camping at campgrounds on your own, not part of a community encampment. 
  • Although Troop Camper 1 is not required to camp in a building, it is highly recommended. The online videos are full of useful information. 

Troop Camper Certification is a two-part course. Both parts must be completed in order to be certified.

Troop Camper Training Sequence

1. Register for a Troop Camper Part 2 session. Part 2 is a 7-hour outdoor experience that covers propane stoves, fire building, outdoor cooking, camping skills, and hiking.  When you arrive at Troop Camper Certification Part 2, you will be assigned a patrol. The patrol will work together learning and trying new things. Please note: There is a $9 per person fee for Part 2 of this course to cover the cost of food and supplies.

TROOP CAMPER FOR PART 2- Use the link below to register for one of the classes. (Everyone MUST sign up for Part 2.)


Space is limited for Part 2 dates, so please register early. An e-mail will be sent with directions and more information before your training. 

2. Complete the Overnight Orientation self study online (if NOT completed previously). See the Overnight Orientation tab on the Volunteer training page. Overnight Orientation Self-Study must be completed two weeks before attending Troop Camper Part 2. 

3. Complete the Troop Camper Part 1 online module. 
Watch several videos on visiting the outdoors and camping. Use the following link to access the VIDEOS, OR VIEW THEM  BELOW

  • Answer the questions online at the end of each video or at the end of all the videos. You can also stop and start when it is convenient for you.  
  • Complete the Troop Camper Part 1 Self-Study
  • All completed tests must be submitted at least two weeks before the Part 2 class.


Extended Trip Training

Who should take Extended Trip Training?

One adult per troop planning a trip of three or more nights.


The Overnight Orientation Self-Study completed 2 weeks before this course.

Course Description:

This is a 2.5 hour course that covers trip planning, money earning, insurance, and safety issues. One adult volunteer from a troop, group or Service Unit planning a trip of three or more nights is required to take this course.

The Overnight Orientation Self Study is a prerequisite for Extended Trip Training and must be completed two weeks prior to taking the training. The volunteer taking this course must be a trained troop leader, or if not, the volunteer will be required to have two leaders (who have completed basic and age level trainings) accompany them on any extended trips.


This course must be taken at least six months prior to the trip if the destination is within the U.S., or twelve months prior if the trip destination is outside the U.S. However, if you are traveling internationally, it is recommended that you consider taking this training 2 years in advance (so that you have sufficient time to plan and complete money earning activities).

To register for Extended Trip Training, email Gigi Mauder at gmauder@gsnnj.org. 

Water Watcher Self-Study

Who should take Water Watcher Self-Study?

-       Adults taking their troops or Girl Scouts to any water activity in water above the knee.

Course Description:

This is an online self study course that will prepare volunteers to be Water Watchers. It is mandatory that Water Watchers be in attendance for any swimming/boating activity under the direction of a certified lifeguard.  

Please complete the Water Watcher Self-Study two weeks prior to your water activity. Questions? Email Carole Burke at cburke@gsnnj.org.

Materials: Water Watch Self-Study Booklet (available below)

                       Safety Actvity Checkpoints


      »  Download and read the Water Watcher Self Study Booklet below and refer to the Safety Activity Checkpoints.

      »  Find the Water Watcher ONLINE quiz HERE.

      »  Questions? Please email Carole Burke  at cburke@gsnnj.org.



Overnight Orientation

Overnight Orientation Self-Study must be completed for any overnight trip with your Girl Scout troop.  This includes motels, camping, resorts, etc.

Please use the link below to access the online self-study. All information and materials needed to complete the self-study is noted in the quiz and available on the GSNNJ website. All quizzes must be answered online. 



Webinars and Seminars

Girl Scouts of New Jersey councils
 and The Provident Bank Foundation invite our Volunteers to a series of webinars and symposiums designed to enhance your confidence in resolving troop conflicts and handling the varied needs of girls. Check out our list of upcoming online and in-person training sessions in 2020 .

Webinars for Volunteers: Addressing Unique Challenges 

Stress Management & Self-Care, a webinar exploring mindfulness and wellness, was presented to GSNNJ's Troop Leaders and Service Unit Managers on Wednesday, April 29, 2020 in an effort to provide ongoing resources for Girl Scout volunteers during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020. The event was moderated by GSNNJ CEO Betty Garger and guest speaker Gabriela C. Celeiro, LCSW, a Behavioral Health Clinician at Atlantic Health. You can view the webinar recording and slide deck here:

Thanks to a generous grant from The Provident Bank Foundation, Girl Scouts of New Jersey Councils hosted the 2018 New Jersey Statewide Girl Scout Volunteer Symposium and online webinars that addressed the unique challenges Girl Scout Volunteers encounter with regard to Inclusivity, Conflict Management, and Addressing Children with Special Needs, among other topics.

To learn more about these topics, view the recordings below:

2018 New Jersey Statewide Girl Scout Volunteer Symposium

Addressing Children with Special Needs at Girl Scouts
In this webinar, Brooke A. Donald, PsyD, Coordinator for Behavioral Medicine Services at Morristown Medical Center, Atlantic Health System, discusses the issues Girl Scout Leaders face when addressing children with special needs at Girl Scouts.