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Featured 100th Anniversary Story

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First Name: Bonnie

Troop #: 80400

Grade Level: Girl Scout Senior (Gr 9-10)

Title: Girl Scout Leader

During the 2011-12 Girl Scout Anniversary Year, our troop of then Cadettes worked on our Girl Scout Silver Awards by running a series of events honoring the 100th Anniversary. Twelve girls created decade boards honoring each decade starting with 1912 ending with one for the future. We took the 1912 to Perona Farms for the Candlelight Ceremony. We ran our town encampment with six stations all about the history. We created a float with some of the boards and showcased a flash mob doing the hustle during the parade. We all marched in our matching color-coded shirts and passed out recruitment photos with lollipops. Then we took all 11 boards to the B.I.G. Celebration. Even Anna Marie Chavez got into the act and posed in a board. We had a great (tiring) year, but we were proud to honor the girls and Girl Scouts.

First Name: Lilly

Troop #: 1192

Grade Level: Girl Scout Junior (Gr 4-5)

Title: Girl Scout Juniors

Who could have asked for a better 9th birthday? We celebrated in a BIG way at the 100th Anniversary B.I.G. Celebration! We met so many sister Girl Scouts, loved the concerts, and participated in so many activities! Let's hope there is an event like this again soon!

First Name: Dawn

Troop #: Franklin Service Unit

Grade Level:

Title: Girl Scout Weekend

Every year in May we have an event called Boy Scout / Girl Scout Weekend. Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts from all levels help plan the weekend events. We have mixed patrols where we do skills and fun events. At night we have a dj and bon fire. In this picture is tea light candles forming "100" for the 100 Years of Girl Scouting. We floated the candles on the Franklin pond. It was a beautiful site.

First Name: Noelle

Troop #: 1036

Grade Level: Girl Scout Junior (Gr 4-5)

Title: SWAPping

Swapping at Rock the Mall with my best friend. June 2012

First Name: Johanna

Troop #: 1223

Grade Level: Girl Scout Senior (Gr 9-10)

Title: Savannah Savvy

My favorite part of the 100th Anniversary celebration was definitely going to Savannah, GA with Lorena Kirshner and GSNNJ. I had so much fun looking at all the sights and spending time on the greens, attending tours and programs at Juliette Low's Birthplace and First Headquarters, visiting the First African Baptist Church and Temple Mickve Israel, and dolphin watching on the Savannah River. I even got scared out of my mind at the Sorrel-Weed House during a ghost tour. One of my favorite things was seeing the century plant at the Juliette Low Birthplace. It's so amazing that the century plant, which only blooms once every hundered years, was expected to bloom sometime during the 100th anniversary year. Anyone going to Savannah this year should look forward to an awesome time!

First Name: Lyndsey

Troop #: 821

Grade Level: Girl Scout Cadette (Gr 6-8)

Title: My Girl Scout Story

Recently, my Girl Scout troop, #821, went to the Girl Scouts' BIG Celebration for the 100th Anniversary. The celebration was loads of fun with all of the activities going on. One of my favorite parts of the event was all of the crafts we could make. Our troop made flowers out of duct tape and pinned them in our hair. I especially loved the concerts and fireworks at the end of the celebration. Personally, I have always loved Sara Bareilles, and it was nice that we got to see Rachel Crow. The Girl Scouts' BIG Celebration was a very memorable event and I will never forget all of the fun our troop had.

First Name: Emily

Troop #: 903

Grade Level: Girl Scout Ambassador (Gr 11-12)

Title: Rock the Mall: 100th Anniversary Sing-Along

This past summer my Girl Scout troop and I went to Washington, D.C. for the Rock the Mall sing-a-long. It was really hot but we still enjoyed ourselves and had a blast! My cousin and I went back to Washington, D.C. again on Labor Day Weekend and stopped by the American History Museum. They had a great display about the Girl Scouts and the 100th anniversary.

First Name: Emma

Troop #: 864

Grade Level: Girl Scout Brownie (Gr 2-3)

Title: The B.I.G Celebration!!!!

Who knew today would be great? Well.... almost everyone! It is The B.I.G Celebration! 100 years is unbeliveable. Anyway, it was the most fun I've ever had. Decorating cookies, making flowers, and pie eating contests... wait, what??? Wrong event. Live concerts. Loved it!!! Rock walls. Best of all, meeting new people! At the end, fireworks lit up the sky for the 100th Anniversary. Hurrary Girl Scouts!!!!!

First Name: Shannon

Troop #: 70808

Grade Level: Girl Scout Cadette (Gr 6-8)

Title: 100th Anniversary Rock the Mall

My troop went to Washington D.C. for 100th Anniversary Rock the Mall. Wherever we went we ended up seeing Girl Scouts from all different states. All day we swapped S.W.A.P.S. with other Girl Scouts. When you are with adults, they always tell you to not talk to strangers, but they were encouraging you to talk to other Girl Scouts! There were 250,000 Girl Scouts in one city. It was quite an experience that I will never forget.

First Name: Nieve

Troop #: 70102

Grade Level: Girl Scout Junior (Gr 4-5)

Title: Fun with My Troop

My friends and I has so much fun doing so many great activities together as Girl Scout Juniors. In this picture we were celebrating the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouts together. I was chosen to sing the National Anthem at this ceremony and had a great time.

We have also done lots of great things like help at a food pantry, donate to an animal shelter, and hold a cookie booth sale. And we go on great overnight trips together to places like Great Wolf Lodge, Liberty Science Center, and the Hogwarts program at Glen Spey. We have marched in a parade together and done a low ropes course, plus other field trips. We have parties together, too. It's great that in Girl Scouts I get to do lots of different activities and hang out with really nice people who are now my great friends.

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