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Volunteer Feature

Would you like to be featured on this page or feature a special volunteer you know? Tell us why you love being a Girl Scout and what you learn from the experience working with girls! Submit your testimonial using the Share Your Story submission form!


First Name: Rachel

Troop #: 81789

Grade Level: Girl Scout Cadette (Gr 6-8)

Title: Leader-Daughter Reception

This spring my troop had a party for our troop leaders and other Girl Scout volunteers in Long Valley. We invited all of the leaders to come with their Girl Scouts and celebrate. We helped the girls to make tissue paper flowers for the moms and we served potluck snacks and desserts. The moms got talk to each other and relax while we helped the girls to make a craft and write cards to the military. We know the girls have to share the moms at every meeting, but at our party they did not. It was a special night for everyone. (There was over 100 people at it!)

First Name: Liz

Troop #: 319

Grade Level: Girl Scout Junior (Gr 4-5)

Title: Troop Leaders

This is not necessarily one story , but a mosaic of experiences that have created a picture of true goodness... For the past five years, three women have led our troop with unbridled enthusiasm, generosity, kindness, and true altruism. Gayle DeNicola, Margie Ellias, and Mary Katz of Troop 319 in Wayne... We just returned from another fun, exciting, memorable overnight trip with our girls, and each year seems to further enhance and strengthen our girls as well as ourselves. It isn't only the overnights, it 's the details and tireless effort these women seem to have during each activity, meeting, outing and overnight. These are women who work full-time jobs, have other responsibilities and obligations, yet they make this as important as any other endeavor they approach. We are a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic group from different backgrounds, religions, socioeconomic and social experiences that, through their leadership, have merged into a cohesive core group of kids and adults with a mutual love and enthusiasm for the values and traditions of Girl Scouts... This weekend we spent two nights at Jockey Hollow Camp. It was the hottest weather imaginable and we were witness to the return of the cicada after 17 years of dormancy... Geocaching, campfires, archery and swimming were our activities, which were all amazing and memorable. After cleaning up and longing for AC in our own homes, we found ourselves sitting on a picnic table eating the final remnants of sandwiches and snacks, when suddenly, unabashed, one of our leaders started singing. We all joined in, enthusiastically finding singing voices that we didn't know we had. We sang at the top of our lungs songs we knew (some we didn't!) and laughed that we may have scared the cicadas back into hiding for another 17 years. We sang unapologetically as our girls filed out one by one to hear what we were doing. They sat quietly behind us and listened as we felt, for a moment , that we too were 11 years old...

First Name: Tammy

Troop #: 4416

Grade Level: Girl Scout Cadette (Gr 6-8)

Title: I Never Knew...

I have enjoyed being a Girl Scout Cadette Leader for the past three years and have bragged to many friends and family about how wonderful the experience of working with the girls is on a weekly basis. However, I never knew until recently how much being a leader meant to me. This year, one week before we had our troop investiture ceremony, I happened to spy in department store my own troop leader from when I was a Girl Scout. I nearly knocked the woman over running up to her saying "Mrs. Hubbard, Mrs. Hubbard, do you remember Tammy Hopson? I was in your Girl Scout Brownie Troop. You will never guess, but now I am Girl Scout leader." I have always been proud to lead my troop but I never really knew until that moment just how much being a part of this organization meant to me. I just hope that one day one of my girls will say the same to me!

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