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Rally Guide

Fall Product Sale Program Rallies are a great way to provide a fun learning experience for the girls, as well as motivate them to take action toward a successful sale.


Ashdon Farms and QSP are excited to offer a Rally Guide for troops and service units. There is plenty of room for flexibility and creativity to make each rally unique and successful. Whatever type of rally you decide to host, whether grand or simple, it's sure to inspire your Girl Scouts to engage in the Fall Product Sale Program even more than they did last year!


Download this year's Rally Guide.


The theme for this year's Fall Product Sale Program is Investing in Today = Success for Tomorrow. At the rally, girls will participate in fun, hands-on activities to learn about the nut and chocolate offerings, goal setting, safety, entrepreneurship, and other life skills to empower them to discover, connect, and take action to make the world a better place.


The Rally Guide will help you construct a plan for a successful event. It includes prepartion considerations, suggested rally procedures, and even Success Station ideas. Feel free to use the Success Station ideas as they are, modify them for your rally, or create new station ideas of your own!


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