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Goal Getters Go To Camp

Earn a FREE week at GSNNJ Summer Camp by participating in the Fall Product Sale AND Cookie Program! Just complete the following three steps to qualify:

1. Sell 6 Magazine Items and 30 Nut/Candy Items between October 1 and October 21 during the 2018 Fall Product Sale Program.

2. Sell 175 Boxes of Girl Scout Cookies during the initial order taking period in 2019 (January 12-February 3). If not participating in the Fall Product Sale, girls must sell 550 packages of cookies during initial order taking. Digital Cookie and traditional orders count.

3. Do a Service Project in your community with a minimum of 3 hours of service time, and submit a summary of what you did. Feel free to submit a photo of your project as well. The Service Project must be completed by February 1, 2019, and a summary of the project must be submitted by February 5th. Submit your summary by filling out the Service Project Summary Form

A Service Project can be done as a troop, however each girl must complete the sales requirements and service hours individually.

Through selling fall products and cookies, Girl Scouts learn five skills that are essential to leadership, to success, and to life.

  • Goal Setting
  • Decision Making
  • Money Management
  • People Skills
  • Business Ethics